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Términos y condiciones de la reserva

Term 1.

A - The lessee declares under his/her responsibility;

B - That has as minimum 18 fulfilled years of age, that this due authorized to lead mopeds or motorcycles.

C - the use of the helmet Is obligatory.

Term 2.

The lessee declares and accepts that:

A - To have received suitable instructions for the managing of the moped or motorcycle, managing of brakes, accelerator, putting in march and unemployed person and in general all the other mechanisms.

B - To have examined the vehicle finding it in perfect conditions of use, perfectly equipped and without any deterioration.

C - The vehicle is a property of the lessor and it will have to be returned in the same place in which it was rented and exactly at the conclusion of the duration of the contract and in the same conditions that it was delivered.

D - it has been provided with a padlock with his key to assure the vehicle when it should not be situated in use.

E - MOTORENT MINORCA does not accept responsibility for delay or delays that are produced as consequence of breakdowns in the vehicle or for other reasons.

F - In the case that the LESSEE was retaining the vehicle after the official time of return, the lessee will be penalized with 1 DAY for hour of delay or fraction.

G - For any difference that could arise in relation with this contract, the parts surrender expressly to the judges and courts of Mahón, resigning any other jurisdiction that could correspond to them.

Term 3.

The lessee declares and accept that:

A -Is the only person authorized to lead the vehicle and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE will allow that any other person it should lead to exception the well versed one as the second driver.

B - Will Fulfill all the in force procedure of traffic in Spain, being personally responsible for the payment of the sanctions that they could impose on him/her for the commission of infractions.

C - Will not lead the vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any class of stimulants or toxic substances, in such a case he will remain excluded from any coverage of the contracted insurance.

Term 4.

The lessee declares and accepts that:

To - In case of accident, of any type, he/she will have to put it in knowledge of the lessor immediately.

B - Will Expire with all the requirements, conditions, limitations and exceptions contained in the insurance policy against third parties formalized by the lessor. The acceptance of this policy for the lessee is obligatory and it will not be able to use the vehicle so that it could annul the applicability of the benefits of the above mentioned policy.

A copy of this policy is situated in view of the lessee in the offices of the lessor.

C - Will not be able to effect ANY claim, of any type, against the lessor, employees or insurance companies, because of damages caused to the persons or to the things, there being exempted the coverage of the insurance mentioned in the paragraph 4-b.

D- Will not be able to effect ANY claim of any kind, against the lessor, its employees or its insurance companies, because of physical or mental damage that may occur as a result of the use of the vehicle.

E - Lessee accepts full responsibility in case of subtraction of anyone of its components, anyone that were the circumstances of the fact, promising to pay the lessor:

- in case of case of subtraction of one o more components of the vehicle, lessee will pay his value of reinstatement, according to price of supplier.

F - If the vehicle is returned before finishing the contract of rent, some refund will not be effected, not of movements not extras contracted anyone that is the case or the circumstance.

G - will have to pay any movement for the delivery and / or return of the vehicle that one has not agreed and paid in the contract, rate according to place and schedule of the movement.

Lessee will have to pay all the movements effected by falls, accidents or for the bad use - repostaje of the vehicle, break or losses of keys, pricks, bad use of the padlock, they are not covert for, to third parties or any risk with franchise.

H - will have to pay to the lessor the days that the vehicle is immobilized by fall, accident, damage after the date indicated in the contract.

I – the Lessee will have to pay the losses or breaks of keys for a value of 30 € more if it was necessary.

*The lessor will not effect any refund for the remaining days because of accidents, falls or any damage caused by the driver or third parties.

*The lessor saves himself the right to rescind the contract providing that the lessee does not expire

*The price of the rent, as well as the deposit are decide for the general in price list and they will have to be paid before for the lessee. In no case the deposit will be able to serve for an extension of the rent.

*In case that the lessee wanted to preserve the vehicle in time superior to the been agreed  about the contract, will have to obtain written authorization of the lessor, whom the corresponding amount will have to pay, if the lessee circulates with the expired contract and without authorization of the lessor, automatically the contracted insurances will stay in suspense.

*If the payment of anyone of the amounts is effected by means of a card of credit or debit, the signature of the lessee in the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the contract of rent, authorization constitutes the lessor to load the total final amount on the account of the lessee in the issuing entity of the card.

Term 5.

To exclusions of the insurance to third parties, this insurance does not cover:

- the damages, neither losses nor any other prejudice suffered in the baggages, goods or objects transported in the vehicle and damages to the proper vehicle anyone that is the circumstance and the mentioned ones in the paragraph 4G.

- neither the total or partial loss nor damages suffered in the vehicle by theft and / or vandalism and / or traffic accident attributable to the lessee for his/her driver.

- the payment of the fines or sanctions imposed by the authorities and the consequences of his/her non-payment.

- neither the damages produced to the person of the driver of the vehicle, nor occupants.

- these damages will be at the expense of the lessee and subscribers to the instant to the lessor.

Term 6.

Insurance of proper damages of the vehicle (full risk) with franchise, the lessee can choose to contract the full insurance of own damages of the vehicle that will be valid when the same one has been contracted expressly, and only of application during the period stipulated and agreed in the contract of lease. Full risk insurance with franchise  will cover the cost of the repair of the damages that could suffer the vehicle assured as a result of a traffic accident or acts of third parties, already be being the vehicle in traffic or not, with a franchise of 250 € in 49 and 125c.c; 350 € in Superiors to 250, 300 and 500c.c and 500 € in 750c.c

B-this insurance does not cover: The damages  that concern tires, covers, cameras and rims, the damages that are caused as consequence of the traffic of the vehicle by not suitable routes for the traffic, the mechanical breakdowns caused as consequence of a bad/wrong driving, by vandalism, by damages caused to the vehicle or to his accessories on the occasion of total or partial fire of the same one, the theft or subtraction of the vehicle and the mentioned ones in ap.4G, these damages will be at the expense of the lessee.

C - In this insurance, the vehicles are covered by means of an franchise indicated in the contract as deposit for what up to the above mentioned quantity, the lessee takes responsibility for the damages caused to the vehicle if they will be.

Give the case of all risk insurance without franchise, the conditions are the same that in the term 6 A-B-C, with the difference that the cost of proper damages of the motorcycle does not carry penalty to the lessee, will be covered from 0 €.


Term 7.

- in case of breakdown or accident the lessor does not assume any responsibility for the prejudices that direct or indirectly they could cause to the lessee for such a motive.

- the lessee is not authorized to arrange repairs in the vehicle without the express authorization of the lessor.

The lessee declares and accepts that he/she will be fullly responsible for the damages and losses  that it could cause in the vehicle, attributable so much to him/her/it as to third parties caused by the violation of the procedure contained in the present contract as well as for the violation of the conditions contained in the respective insurance policies, must pay to the lessor the total quantity for the reinstatement, repair calculated  in our workshop, before giving for this contract finished, there will be discounted of the total the deposit paid for the rent / reservation of the vehicle, returning the difference if it was or the lessee contributing the difference up to the total of the caused damages.

If the payment is by debit or credit card, the lessee authorizes with the signing of the contract to collect against it the charges derived from the contract indicated in the previous paragraphs.

The lessee accepts and declares that he/she will be fullly responsible for the violation of leading vehicles that they do not reflect in his/her driver's licence and / or be legally to lead it with the laws of Spain assuming any responsibility.

WE DON’T  WILL EFFECT REFUND OF THE RESERVATION OR AMOUNT OF RENT UNDER NO CONCEPT, Motorent Menorca will not enter  in any type of negotiation or discussion the above mentioned case.



Very importantly, for groups of two or more motorcycles it is necessary to contact before for telephone, WE DON’T ACCEPT RESERVATIONS FOR THE WEB IN THIS CASE.